My sis in law asked me to send her a pic she can use as my contact pic..
@TraverseTown I don't remember this.. I didn't even know she could make any other face besides this
Gettin my tan on with this puppy
Kitty is none too pleased with this weather
@RyanSanger @AlexWagaman Ahh 4 hours. Maybe the storm is missing u guys I thought you were closer lol
Here comes da storm
Cake time
Aw man just found out my uncle & aunts dog Ginger passed away today
Well as the first 2 people to wish me a happy birthday... Behold; my two best friends  @TraverseTown @MikeLynchy9
Kitty doesn't want to be pet right now
Excited! Whoooooos gonna win?! Why the f is Susie still here lol  @TraverseTown
@Rene818 lol best pic I could get. Can't see it really though. Only hurts cause it hit my nail
Ummm wow I really wanna dye my hair this color ... What do ya think?
@iPTTDicHertz lol wtf
So I typed "died on July 24 1989" and got this ...
Here's a beautiful pic of  @annnacole that I took today and am posting w/o her permission
@TraverseTown laughing just as hard listening to this part "the child made a lewd gesture at her"
@TraverseTown omg Lolol I would love to meet the set designer there
@TraverseTown this is podcast gold... OH YOU MEAN DRIVING HIGH? YOU COULD HAVE KILLED US MAN. High on weed!
Christmas tree & lights on! I can't find my ornaments lmao idk what I did with them!
this is why i hate verizon fios. they definitely share your phone #. i can't take the spam calls anymore
We are such good students... Paying attention sooo hard
Yea I'm a loser who bought a bunch of temporary tattoos and can't stop playing with them.

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