Happy Trucker!!
Sleepy Trucker!
Katie thought it would be fun to decorate the house with Vimrod cartoons ....
I dropped the #4N banner on my toe today. Nice bruise. Ow. Not recommended!
Dan with Radiohead bassist Colin Greenwood. Dan won "Year 7 Student of the Year"!
Today's the first time I've ever had to wrap a bike in bubble wrap
Only Sjoerd the eco town crowd could get away with bringing Gerald the Giraffe to Faringdon Arts Festival!
@neil_pie lookalike spotted in Oxfordshire
@AscottTim delivering the #4N4D seminar at Swindon today
lomo cat
Testing mobypic on my iphone
FW :
Fw :Note the concentration on my boys' faces as they shot zombies yesterday!

 We're all Christmassed up now. A week too early for me, bah humbug, but never mind!

 Some of us came in fancy dress!

 Continental breakfast including banoffee pie at #4N Faringdon today!

 Tired eyes

 Someone had a tiring day at school today!

 View from my bed. I spy coffee stains ...

 Sometimes I wish I was a cat

 Even my cat wants to stop me working today!

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