After some Indonesian food....
Leek - carrot stew with salsa salade and fish topped w/ breadcrumbs #speedcooking
Tired...but sushi wakes me up #sushipillow
Lets go raspberry @ organicmarket Nieuwmarkt, AMS
Art haha
Found an oldskool grill and bbq recipe book. The 1st chapter is called: And then there was fire #hilarious
Dear Shay and Ashwin, married couple wish u best. Let's eat!
Honey from @soroushaazami
Freestyle tomato/ chickpea soup w/ creme freche and feta flatbread succes
Red wine w/ Blissful Banana, dark chocolate w/ chewy banana by Ananda
Black beans, riz and beefff
Tonight on the menu: mexican thnx @renn
Fresh Rosemary, lemon zest and seasalt on fish (then grill) is yummy! Dinner tip ;)
Indonesian food rocks! Happy birthday bu Ika!
Devine yoghurt w/ blueberries, mango, apple, grapes and pineapple. Hello Sunday :)
Inspires me to make more salads. EntrecĂ´te w/ mixed rucola salad, red onion, green olives, cucumber, tomato and corn w/ mayo/mustard/vinegar  sauce
Sweet potatoes w/ garlic and chilli, baked pangafilet :)
Maple syrup whiskey on the rocks w/ a can of maple syrup.  Thnx 2 mes amis Alexa et Dan. Recipe tips?
On der SS Rotterdam yah
Toby Morris 'Alledaags' cracks me up! 1year in the life of an ex-pat in Amsterdam. Launch 10/07 @ ABC
Hamburger, w/homemade onion relish: finely sliced sjalot >bake, >vinegar + sugar, season w/ketchup, mayo, grilled peppers, veggies
Mixed salad, avocado, crayfish, eggs, mayonaise, chives, season :)
Homemade tuna friendly salad, w/ Tons Belze Majoneis, springonions an blackpeper

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