Teaser new songs (0.57 min.) online now!
To-gather project confirmed Liverpool gig april 28 2010 at Liverpool Hope University (UK)
EP design finished!! No more pictures.....thank you for sending....Next step:) cd printing
Arrival at Ernesto's :-)
Friday oct. 16 Audiofeel's singer DAVID will be live on television on the program 'L1 Laat'. The program will be broadcasted at 21.30, 22.30 and 23.30 hours on L1 television. David will be interviewed
EP mastered by Darius van Helfteren at www.amsterdammastering.com results are brilliant!
Rambler pictures please....
Tomorrow sat. okt. 10 gig in the Rambler Eindhoven with Fahrenheit twins start 21.30 free entrance
Graveland studio delivered first mix today, also first designs of EP cover and t-shirts this evening, so we are busy! results soon. Be patient :)
finished recording today, everything in it's place! driving home satisfied :)
Last vocals
No more pics for EP cover after next sunday at 00:00! Thank you for sending, wanna join in? Hurry!
Song for Europe video final version in our mailbox today! Results are brilliant and educational! Full version online november 11, one year after our memorable performance in Ieper (be)
Arno mentioned us at www.gravelandstudio.com check it!
Nothing to do? Room with a view......
Ssssshtt let's concentrate and listen..........aaah....nice! :)
On our way to Graveland Studios again! Getting tired of car pictures? Don't look! Cheers.
Top notch design bureau www.jannekevlaming.nl will design the new Audiofeel EP cover. Deadline picture delivery expires within days. Only a few spots left so hurry!
Your picture on our new EP? Sent it to the email address mentioned in this picture, thnx!
Gig confirmed with Fahrenheit twins october 10 in The Rambler Eindhoven.
Day 4: on our way home, back at Graveland in 10 days
Superstar keys! this is it! How do you feel? Audiofeel!
Superstar keys! this is it! How do you feel? Audiofeel!
Day 4: re-writing superstar with Arno.

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