Olympic ring pizzas in the @BigGreenEggUK
Found a good pub along the river to watch the tennis..
Imagine having to turn up to work here every Monday morning..
Imagine having to turn up to work here every Monday morning..
Face in the sky. #Cambridge. Maybe it's God @RickyGervais? Although it looks more like Dog
There's a good reason I outsource my framing...
Jumped on a train to London.. picked up a baby..
Hanging out in the sun with Nanook. Someone appears to have put a banana on him..
Graffiti artist 'Stik' starting his mural..
All set up. Hopefully see some of you later at 182 Court Lane, SE21.
I have some prints for sale at @ArtistsOpenHse this weekend. 182 Court Lane, SE21 (dog not included!)
A brief encounter with a pelican..
The view from @tomla's balcony ain't bad...
Narrow stairs? Who are they expecting for dinner?! Or is it supposed to be ironic..?
It appears the excitement of Easter weekend was all a bit much for the beagle..
Round of golf before the big day tomorrow. In terms of calming the nerves, this could go one of two ways..
@DarrenJBoyd Bigger than a vizsla! There will be about 200 of them dotted around London from 21 Feb --> @TheBigEggHunt
Still going ... seeing spots ...
Not sure what the penguin population of Luxembourg is, but it can be increased by one..
I've decided to manually paint in all the dots to create a speckled effect on my @TheBigEggHunt egg..
Visiting @tomla at the hospital for tropical diseases. Seems in good spirits despite being riddled with parasitic worms

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