Could you sleep with this in your bed? #twitterafterdark
Would these panties keep me warm? :) #twitterafterdark
In case anyone forgot about me? #twitterafterdark
Think he would get the hint in this?
Would you leave me like this to go to work?
Feeling fit from the workout!
Shopping in a thong bikini in Mx #twitterafterdark
I sent this back to him.. too much?
This is what he sent me!
Think he noticed I'm not wearing panties?
My BFF and I teasing the boys!
Why did he have to leave me! I'm still horny!  #twitterafterdark
Guess what I did today? #twitterafterdark
Just for #tittytuesday
Some lucky trick or treater will get this candy tonight  #halloween #twitterafterdark
Think I will get candy wearing this tonight? #halloween
For my new follower: @VolleyBallShrts
I wear them cause they look cute on me!  #twitterafterdark #panties
Dirty laundry lol #twitterafterdark
Laundry day today... What to wear that isn't dirty? hmmm
She liked getting my toe wet!  #twitterafterdark
Feeling frisky this morning #twitterafterdark
Thinnk anyone noticed? #commandoday #twitterafterdark #pantiless
I thought you would like me in a cute thong like this?

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