@janeylicious I'm at Furu right now.
Requiring a complex process to be executed to make the coffee necessary to execute a complex process is failure prone
@siegel this might be it.
That was a bike.  Fortunately not my commuter.
We will rebuild!
Looks like we'll be upgrading the main breaker panel.
This is our next door neighbor.
Crabtacular is good exercise!
@pbur yes,  glad you're here.
As mayor, I'm claiming my free dessert. :) banana cheesecake with caramel.
@nrd @eatnomiku infused apples are super easy! These are bourbon-mint-maple-syrup infused.
Bevmo has these rarities.
@bjh Sprouts has atypical meats.  Look good quality, too.  Kangaroo sloppy joes will be had!
Never understood this kind of blog spam. "If Ito insult the author in a generic way, my comment spam will be posted?"
Roger's grand dad sent him his Lionel Train from 1946.  Had to take it apart but got it running!
A particularly musical print.
@chmod007 vid of same
Proper cooking substrate for shanghai style soup dumplings courtesy of the banana tree in our backyard....
Connector between motor and plate rotator broke in neighbor's microwave. Modeled and printed a replacement in 30 mins!
I like the music of the printer doing hexagonal infill. (printing drawer dividers)
@dethbunny @siracusa
This is why Nest should win. To remove this crap requires removing the connector blocks and the circuit board.
Also has an alcohol powered hand built jet car

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