How To Make Your Mattress Last Longer
24 May 2021 19:09

How To Make Your Mattress Last Longer 

A mattress usually lasts from five to ten years on average. However, a little extra care can make it more durable and keep it in great shape for a more extended period. A clean and healthy mattress can keep you away from any disease and provide you with peaceful nights of sleep.

From cleaning to paying attention to outside environments, here are the best ways to make your mattress last longer. Scroll below to read more!

Ensure the mattress's support

Your mattress should have proper support from the foundation and box spring. This support system can help the mattress from sagging and maintain the material quality. You can check the manufacturer's guide for recommendations on how to get the best support for your bed.

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Your bed frame should be able to support your body weight plus the mattress. Innerspring mattress requires box spring support while memory foam mattress need a more supportive foundation. A bigger bed such as a king or queen bed should include a center support bed frame. We highly recommended that you check your mattress support every year to prevent any broken bars or damages to the foundation.

Wash bed sheets regularly

To keep your bed clean, we believe that a regular wash is necessary. If you have your furry friends sleeping on the bed with you, you might need to wash the linens more frequently. Several things like food, pet hair, sweat, and oil can get into the mattress, causing bacteria to grow.

A clean bed also provides more comfort and improves your nights of sleep. That's why we highly recommend that you wash your bed sheets every week to extend your bed lifetime. If you have a mattress protector or pillow top, we suggest that you clean them out regularly, following the manufacturer's recommendations.

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Use a mattress protector

A mattress protector can help prevent dust mites and bacteria, along with incidents such as spilling things on the mattress. They keep the mattress layers clean from the inside and avoid any dust or debris getting into your bed.

No pets on the bed

We know how much you'd love for your cats or puppies to share the bed with you. However, it is ideal that they have their own beds to sleep in. As fun as it can be, your pets can bring outside dirt, drools, and pet dander into the bed. They might also have bathroom accidents that can immediately ruin a good mattress.

Rotate/Turn The Bed

Most mattresses wear out in a few years, and one way to keep the bed from getting softer is to rotate the bed regularly. Rotating helps reduce wear and keep your body weight spread evenly on the mattress, as we frequently sleep on the same side of the bed due to habits. Depending on the bed material, you can consider rotating your bed every three to six months.

Avoid jumping on the bed

Jumping on the bed will eventually damage the interior of your bed, especially with spring and air beds. The foundation and bed frame can also be broken and fail to support the whole bed, leading to back pain and uncomfortable sleepless nights.

We hope that you love reading our tips for making your mattress last longer. If you struggle to fall asleep at night, read our top 10 rated mattress topper here:

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