@fraserspeirs Seems a theme.
New Lemuria
Naranjilla? Don't know what it is, but it's rocking my world.
Hanging with @ratkins on his home turf.
Bondi Blue — achievement unlocked
@judykitteh Wish you were here!
Completely adorable snack filled gift bag from one of my workshop attendees at #yow2012
Scraped up $4 in coins to get a bag of interesting local crisps and was duped into getting unflavored. Bad UI to bad UX
Perfectly cromulent.
Fuck yeah Yow!
All the outlets in this room are mid-wall—except for the one by the desk. #fail
Looks like I get to check another bird off my life list!
Friction. #coding
Deathmarch update: tomorrow is the last day and you can SEE the impending deadline approaching.
My life as two doodles.
Artifacts of war:
Peking? Apparently our beloved national carrier also offers time travel.
Appsterdam Speed Networking at #picnic12
Meanwhile, in the City of Apps…
Judy and the too large carrot.
Thesis Antithesis Synthesis
Character design.

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