Secrets of the pros.
The birthday beer:
For twice the cost of the 100g cup, you can get 500g of fried onions. Things are about to get a whole lot onionier!
Vincent: But you know what the funniest thing about Europe is? Jules: What? Vincent: It’s the little differences.
About to take this bottle of Society whisky @scotrubyconf gave me out for a sit by the canal in the company of @blach.
The Botanist has arrived in Amsterdam. // @WhiskyCraig @ratkins @agileben
Yes. Nog pod. That’s obviously what I meant. #autocorrect
Said elegance from @pragdave at #scotruby:
Four of nine extracurricular books are about climbing/adventure. Can you tell @gigglegirl4e is from Seattle? #scotruby
Perfect venue: @gigglegirl4e’s “Fill Up Your Bookshelves” in the Great Library  at #scotruby
Now it feels like a startup.
The new BSOD:
Message received. Good luck with that.
SFO and Max’s Eatz, you should be embarrassed at how expensive your food is.
When I left on my trip, I packed some random things into a spare treasure chest. Its contents predicted my future state
You /know/ what time it is! #WWDC
Kirby (@kirbyt) bringing sexy back. #mullethead #WWDC
It’s @judykitteh’s birthday, and she’s spending it feeding hungry App Makers.
I don’t remember the original 993s being this… patriotic.
To wit:
Mad loot.
That's actually kind of adorable.
@mathys So it is!

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