Hour hand and minute hand and seconds hand so what time am I acting out?!?!?
Bought this super cute handmade bowl by @agin_accessories during #kingsday today
My favorite kind of food, and cooking, is with basics like this. Just the raw and sometimes uncut ingredients and some oil and pepper and salt.
Goooooodmorning!!!! Wake up swim with @tessasterkenburg @juulopdenkamp @yonibird and @martistokes #mimosas #fitgirls
‪So proud that my feet are now famous!!!
Sent @rivieras a photo that my Montecristi’s has arrived and they put it on their Instagram. #fitgirlfeet #tnwlife at @tqams
Dropped out of school at 15 and started at the circus school. This is me on stilts juggling. 📸 by @marjolijnvandenassem #throwback
Recorded the voiceover for the #TNW2019 conference opening video this morning. Felt right at home. Now available for voiceover work... #tnwlife @thenextweb #carreergoals #fitgirl #wearetheworld 📸 by @lana259
Enjoying my ton sur ton new @wearatoms shoes I picked up this morning. #fashion #fitgirl #tnwlife #newyork #rooftoppool
Caption this...
@stadamsterdam #tnwlife #newyork
Drove this @unu for a week which was hilarious and fun. Only crashed it once, so hardly counts. Would be even better with more ☀️. I felt very Italian. 
#unuscooter #ununl #fitgirl #influencer #tnwlife
I didn’t know @patrickdelaive was sitting behind me and I assume he didn’t see me either. And we were probably chatting via our computers. #tnwlife
This is the @thenextweb call centre for today and tomorrow! Ask us anything about the conference by calling +31620209393
Out of office
Cat was scratching couch, which he’s not allowed to do, and then got stuck with one nail. So now he’s posing like this is where he wants to be. 😂
Yesterday I spoke at #revolutionofevents after I just came back from #sxsw on a very long flight with hardly any sleep. Can you tell? #fitgirl #whitesuit
I made the newspaper today, with this weird but interesting portrait. What does this photo say? Vote for your benevolent dictator? I’m going to steal and murder your cat? What do you think?
Here I’m interviewing Cassie Kozyrkov about the challenges, opportunities and misconceptions around AI and Machine learning at #SXSW. She’s able to explain tough subjects in a way that even I can understand and in a way that conveys her excitement and passion and makes you want to get involved too. 
And she’s a geek, and proud of it. The shirt she’s wearing has the names of her three favorite statisticians... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ She’s also speaking at #tnw2019 so come and listen to her, will be worth your time!
The bird, the action, the ass, the motion. I like this photo.
“Financial Times acquires majority stake in TNW”
Back in 2009 when they were 8 and 5 and decided to wear my jackets ❤️
“Oh wow! Two bottles of Bollinger! You’re way too kind! I’ll put them in the freezer for 10 minutes to cool them off”

Two days later... 🤦‍♂️
This is how I stay sane and relaxed on stressful days; I either go for walking meetings or I find a place where I can lay down AND work... photo by @theofficespa #tnwlife
I know it isn’t even spring yet, but fuck it, I’m switching to Summer Boris. 🕺🥂🌞🌸

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