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Classy piece of technology in this gym #clifthotel #fitgirl
Had a great time in #stockholm last week chatting with @annamalmhake (CEO at @absolutvodka ) at her #tommorowsthoughtleaders lunch about Digital, Diversity and Drinks...
Brunch with @patrickdelaive in SF. Never grow up! #tnwlife
Time lapse view from Hilton in SF
New random header images for my weekly emails for @thenextweb #nocomment
Found this email from 2010 from when @uber was just getting started...
I wonder if people can guess we’re related...
Needed a bag for my screws. One of my daughters helped me out. 🤔🌿
Safety first #fitgirls
Plan was to walk through a Forrest for 3km. Ended up walking 18km and climbed trees, walked on the beach, bumped into wild deer on the road, and had lots of other little adventures.
Looking back at 2018 like...
My most nerdiest face EVER. (Second photo)

Back in 2000 I was a member of a Media Industry Club in Amsterdam. Very much pre-soho house and very ahead of its time. @melodybiringer found a copy.
Nice detail on my new Apple Pencil
I made my own bathbombs in the Lush laboratory yesterday. You can tell there’s a lot of ❤️ in the air here, and not just for @lush_jack but for everyone at @lush from @thenextweb #tnwlife #bathart #lushlabs
Very cold morning swim #fitgirls #nofilter
I’m in a book but I look frightened in that photo. Also relaxed. And tanned.
When you arrive at the party in the right mood. 
With @jorgruis at the @esquirenl best dressed man award (we didn’t win. Weren’t even nominated. Don’t understand why not.)
Check out my OUI/NON shoes! Custom order at Nike.com. Efficient for meetings. #nonverbalcommunication #fashion #nike
Thanks @elskedoets for borrowing your jacket. Looks soooo good on me. #fitgirl #fashionsense
#whodat #isboris #fitgirl #stagefright #droneweek #shinebrightlikeadiamond #avocadotoast 📸💥📸💥📸💥
Portrait by @nimax_photography 📸
#tnwposterboy 📸 by @martistokes

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