Cake with pure gold:
I have decided not to eat this dish I forgot in my fridge:
Crystal Ball Universe:
Tracking my trip via GPS. Very accurate:
Faye with onion rings on her fingers:
I'm at the Sprout ChallengerDay today:
Me & My Supermodel (Frederique van der Wal)
Almost forgot! I'm a super model myself today:
Tim ( showing off his new MacBook:
Bottom of the piste:
Tessa is very proud to be featured in this book:
Google this one!
I'm green with envy. @sandervdv has the new MacBook Pro:
I love fresh asphalt. How it looks, feels & smells. I want more of it:
Chàteau La Nerthe 2000:
Mothers sandwich:
Check my new shades:
I'm sking!
Got this cookie on my last flight. Who wants it?
No I'm not happy right now:
Our new skis:
Faye on her throne:
Office party!!!
Happy cat:

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