in my bed at last :-)
@mrwhiteacre Here's the other one of we happy two! Historic day! ;-)
hair/bangs by @makeupbymarine <3 #yay #missedher
she makes me look so silky! @makeupbymarine
hair by @makeupbymarine
Today @mrwhiteacre played the callous husband that drives @darla_crane to lesbianism!
My nemesis! @mrwhiteacre #theysaiditwouldntlast
okay last one! I wasn't sure about this one because I look sad (as usual) but #newsincerity
ok now i can see you! ;p
good morning :-)
@theleanover you've seen this sloth photobombing pic right? extreme cuteness!
Going to the gym all happy!! Thank you Jerry and thank you @aebn for helping me realize a dream. #RockCandy
insomniac #partyofone
It's hard to get out of bed today. #newsincerity (courtesy of @jmdarling @darlinghouse)
@smartnshy Sorry, I didn't mean to step on you.
oh, is that right?
Reading this mofo's wiggity wack tweet
guys just feel this way their entire lives, don't they?
this is how roger sleeps. under the covers, head on pillow. I don't put him there, either :-)
hello! :-)
ze hips
@mstrhole for you :-)
clean. for now. ;->

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