White man look funny.
Checking out the Tupelo Flea Market.
Parking Fail at The Green Hills Mall
Thanks to Collings for a fun day at the factory.  We filmed a little video while we were there.  I'm sure they'll post it soon.
Beautiful day in Austin, TX.  Just left Collings Guitars. I'm loving life right now.
Here's our artwork
Final verdict... Johnny Cash.  Carving pumpkins with friends.
Alright Rangers, I paid good money to see you beat the Giants tonight.
Why didn't anybody tell me Elton and Leon got married?
Happy Birthday to @cdlowell celebrating with @morningcruise
Showers today provided by the Disaster Relief Florida Shower and Laundry Unit.  Not bad at all
Taping a show for Thanksgiving day today at TBN.  Not really ready for this yet.
Big Potty Little Potty
My view right now.
Mich State love for @tommyandbrook
Big rivalry here today in Michigan.  I'm pulling for state!
My boy @thadcockrell is killing it tonight with his band tonight, Leagues!
Late night science project in the garage.  See the final product on the Heath/Jars tour!
It's not everyday an astronaut flys in for lunch.  Thanks Terry!
This one too!
Went to the last State Fair @ old fairgrounds tonight in Nashville.  Childhood memories. Gonna miss this!
Thank you radio for the way you are getting behind this new song, WOW
Rehearsing new songs today with the boys!  Can't wait for peeps to hear this stuff!!!
Go Titans Go!

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