My @surlybrewing order just made it to NY.
Moving Time Machine drives.  This may take a while
Lawrence Yang - Tree Triptych
Dan McCarthy - Pines
Luke Chueh - I asked for scrambled
Luke Chueh - Possessed
Danger! Danger! High voltage!
Popcorn cooked in bacon fat with bacon on the top (and salt)
Wamco 105AL
just got a bunch of old edge lit displays
got to meet another clock nerd today
where did this snow come from?
cpu at 100% load for nearly 30hrs.  almost done rendering...
Time to add more storage...another 3TB will be here on Tuesday
srsly drobo?  you're full already?
Cogwheel Nixie System 1.3 up and running!
time for drastic recovery measures.  yes that is a freezer.  yes, this works.  no, i haven't had anything to drink.
recovery time
Here comes Lion
That's not good :-/
Can someone help me identify the spider?  Was found in NY.
motion trackers on!
It will take a while to process all of the time lapse images...

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