Dead elvis playing a bassoon.  because, why not?
Free unguarded laptop at the Tompkins airport
This dock was on Lake of the Isles
Seattle at night
ITAP of an espresso bean
I don't think this is what bumper stickers were meant for
This guy is the mayor of my Walmart.  That is about right...
Philip J Fry - as a Minecraft character - as a real 3d object
Dual triode headphone amp (photos)
Dual triode headphone amp (photos)
Dual triode headphone amp (photos)
Working to diversify my shirt selection
Also got this in the box.
My new gadget from 1945 just came
Bacon... Done.   Cooking popcorn in the remaining fat.
Bacon plus popcorn = win
Bacon popcorn time
Time for some Sweet Action
Around school
Seriously easy pass? you haven't worked for the last week
Waiting for Jon Stewart
This new dual triode headphone amp is slick
Checking out the new tube amp headphone amp from
Hello winter in Ithaca

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