I can eat breakfast all day #FB
nasi tomato satu!
got this recently but wht i really want is #Mondosdress! <3 wht it stands4 & how it came 2b
nick & i defying the rain. GRIN.
auspicious red egg. happy fullmoon baby kobe!
i got these khaki peeptoe platforms w leather uppers. $28.90 after 90%OFF at tangs sale. <3!
@hardrockbear we need to stockup on laughter. i believe its this aisle.
sweet baby maddie :) #fb
oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy. apple peanut butter treat w extra peanutbutter on top.
@cerventus dugg.
@lesismorelrb picked ths pix on yer behalf. grabbed me cos its so #gaga. u both look like fighters ere <3! #meetmegan
tak berapa jadi. this time round. but bolehlah. cinnamon/choc sugar pull-apart bread for the dear ol big sis #bakelove
wait for bread dough to rise. refridgerate. bake for breakfast tmr! cinnamon pull-apart bread in the making #bakelove
i just <3 the smell of flour and mixed dough. <3 how they come tgthr. very comforting. #bakelove
just finished doin some midnite baking for the soul. or rather pre-baking. heh #bakelove
eva have an aunt who leaves you cryptic mssgs? #familydrama
roti canai bungkus neva looked this good. #foodporn #FB
sneaky midnite snack. sundried tomato bits tucked under cheese on toast. mmm.
@divemonyet and me. freakin early morning faces | penang airport. jan 2012
sisterly l<3ve on a plate. nutty garlic pesto pasta. best damn thing tht happened all day. freeze the moment #fb
must say hello to new pupps in the hood. woof!
this is everycloud :) #fb
chkout wht im munchin on. worlds first sea cucumber choc chip cookie? #langkawiboleh
breakfast for one for a rainy nite.

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