Sketching @PrincessJuniper's wedding dress! Love her, she is getting married this year.
Love this textured trim.
Playful puppy. I love him
Now that's a mask! Happy NYE
Amazing pic from our shoot
Doing an amazing shoot  with @Mena13suvari.
This is our little office Monster.
I love this oversized bow tie we just made.
Faux fur can be just as fabulous as real fur and doesn't hurt anybody!
Merry Christmas everyone. Topper got his gifts first.
The best book. It's almost Christmas
Topper killed Santa
I love a holiday card from Heidi and her family, it's so cute!
I love this oyster gown Leah is working on today.
Tacky lights tour my family made me go on. I
Love this citrus orange gown.
Look at our little puppy Topper he is sleepy today
Giving a tour of our home tonight.
Gingerbread house party with MISO
Holiday craft party
@aliciasolo in a holiday outfit, get ready...
Demi looking fab at Jingle Ball
Now that's a crystal tower.
Love this little coral blouse for spring.

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