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Supply Chain 
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 Does Supply chain sound boring? What if I told you that this is one of the areas in business that is often neglected, but can prove important for survival and growth? This cuts across sectors: retail or manufacturing. I have been advising business owners for years and I can see the different dynamics at play when we talk about supply chain management. These dynamics often revolve around the personalities of the business owners. Yes, no one knows more about a business than the business owner but the work of an external analyst or advisor is to review the business processes in place and advise the business owners by providing suggestions and recommendations. As a business owner your supply chain must be clean for better business results. Below are the reasons why you need to keep your supply chain clean: On-time delivery It is important to keep in mind the state of Nigerian infrastructure. Of importance here are transportation system and electricity. Regardless of the business type or model, we will agree that the necessity for a good transportation cannot be overemphasised. If you are into retail, you need to buy your stock – products for sale from your suppliers before you can sell to your own customers. Having a good supply system makes supplying stock to you, more efficient. Also, if you are a manufacturer you may have to deliver goods to your customers, hence the need to have something really robust in place. You certainly don’t want to run out of stock to sell. Minimising or eradicating theft This is also not in isolation of your business type. Whether you are a retailer or a manufacturer, you will always have goods (or products) in stock (you probably run some form of warehousing). Having a
good supply chain will ensure you at least understand the state of your stock. You know the quantity of goods in stock and their condition. Of course, you need to perform regular stock- take (stock-co
Woman beaten while
laying in bed next to her
young child

The video to this assault
was uploaded to
Facebook. It shows a
woman assaulting
another woman as she
lay in bed next to her 11- month-old infant. The
woman and her friends
broke into the young
mother's home late at
night, entered her
bedroom and asked her to get up and fight.
Apparently, they'd had
issues previously. The young mum tried to
get up to defend herself
but she was quickly
overpowered and
subdued by the intruder
who targeted her face with heavy punched
while another woman
and a man filmed the
beating. After the video was
shared online, a woman
named Shatarvara Smith
was arrested and
charged with aggravated
residential burglary, aggravated assault and
second-degree battery. An angry Facebook user
located Shatarvara's
Facebook page and
verbally attacked her...
THE SUN poem- daniel ben
Lovely aunt
DB Sneh
the Queenzy
dose funny days

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