Not only can this dog drive - it has such a great job it can afford a Saab convertible!

Way to go dog.
♬ 'French Navy' - Camera Obscura ♪
Off to  @RBCFilmTheatre to watch a the fighter. The river is high!
Itv4 rocks!
Crazy days indeed
Happy birthday big man

Beth, Lloyd Cole's wife likes my blog!
Imagine if Family Fortunes teamed up with Jeremy Kyle to get their answers. We asked 100 people...
Nice to see Fox are, at last, showing their true colours.
My wedding outfit
Up yours!

No one tells me what to do...!
Good times for a change...

Look what I just won - a signed Morrissey print!
I gots me a new bike!!! Collectio next week!
Seems obvious to me
I love Tina Fey
Honestly - I know she's plastic bit I didn't know where to look.
At the seaside
Cool duck thu huh? #notmyfindsadly
And they're off!
Did I mention I'm interviewing Caroline munro in September...! #menofacertainageremember
As answers go, Mark Thomas' which living person do you most admire and why, is brilliant.
This film is crazy!!!

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