This is happening ... Ouch !
27 Oct 2013 23:13

This is happening ... Ouch ! 

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posted by amylynniebug 5 Nov 2013 16:28

I wish people would comment on the photo and not other things - usually negative - I don't understand why that happens so often on the Internet. Hopefully more posts - brief ones - for Derek!! I am SO not important or wise enough to go on & on for 11 lines ;0)

posted by amylynniebug 5 Nov 2013 16:25

Derek Hough
Using mobypic for the 1st time, hopefully correctly. That looks painful but if that is what i thin it is, a cortisol or cortisone shot, it hurts for a second and then helps greatly for a good while. But still yes! Do be careful. You are a delight to watch, thank you! Smilie

posted by mb87 30 Oct 2013 06:27

So much for Raising Hope. What fool doesn't know that stardom or celebrity status is all about good looks and great smiles. Seriously, they must have been living under a rock all their life..just take a look around! So many talented people don't make it in showbiz because they lack these two vital attributes greatly required to becoming a star! Intelligence is just another attribute, but rather vital in the world of academia..doesn't make one more or less. These are all mere attributes that can give an advantage or disadvantage depending on an individual's line of work. I think someone's got it in for your beautiful sis, Julianne. She's perfectly beautiful inside and out. Clearly, Julianne meant no harm with her "Crazy Eyes" getup. Why anyone would harm her with such awful comments is beyond me. It just gets ugly. Let's not become ugly and instead learn to forgive ignorance (or fools).

posted by kelhush 28 Oct 2013 08:49

Yikes! :-(

posted by mb87 28 Oct 2013 04:00

No lifts! Dude, you are little.

Hey - I wanna see the Mohawk

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#love #fearless #freedom This is happening ... Ouch ! So this is happening on the Ellen show today .Raising money for Breast Cancer  #Ellen #breastcancerawareness
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