Electric Love from #bobsburgerslive featuring the cast, Matt Berninger from @the_national & special guest @OrvilleIV
And here’s some rough animation of Bob climbing along the beam #bobsburgers
Here’s some rough animation of Bob at the top of the climbing wall #bobsburgers
Here’s some rough animation of the Dirty Dancing credit sequence from last Sunday’s #bobsburgers @JenniferGrey
Early thumbs of the shootout #bobsburgers
#bobsburgers cookbook signings
702 animatic review #bobsburgers writers room @InternetKelvin ➡️ @Deerflesh
It took us about 7 versions to get the #BobsBurgers100 credits done, and here’s one of them:
Here’s a very early rough cut of the song from #BobsBurgers100 @InternetKelvin @Deerflesh
An earlier version of the news piece: #bobsburgers
An earlier version of a scene with @kenjeong as Yap #BobsBurgers100
Here was a small scene that showed the family trying to act like everything is normal, which we ended up losing:
A lot of alt shots to show you - here’s a fun shot we lost with the rewrites: #bobsburgers
And finally our in-house animation team here in LA completed the shot just last week:
There was concern it felt like they crashed into the camera, so we tried them jumping over it:
But then we tried them riding to camera instead: #bobsburgers
In color Tina and Jericho ride off into the sunset #bobsburgers
But Nora Smith (writer of this ep) had envisaged Tina on Jericho in the final shot. Here’s the animatic:
Took us a few cracks to get that final shot. First version in thumbs had a wide shot of Tina riding by herself:
Here are the thumbs for the flashback sequence #bobsburgers
The stages from storyboards to final animation of a Jericho run. #bobsburgers
Rough animation for the horse trot: #bobsburgers
Cool limp #bobsburgers

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