Words With Friends. What are the odds of this? Played same word in same spot within seconds of each other
My sitar player photo in Atlanta show #iphoneography  #mobilephotography
Oh, oh. Getting the msg on my iphone - accessory not optimized for this phone and I have no sound
Picture of Stepaie at Art of iPhoneography opening in Atlanta taken by Jeff Perri
This too funny
Twitscoop - All about Steve
We are photographers too
Love this new statue #mariners Dave Niehaus
#iphone backup problem. Got this message. How do you delete the backup?
test photo
I thought facebook had target me  right in this ad  but NOO wrong kind of joints
How do you like my new #seagull style hair cut?
Wow a tie in words with friends. Never had this happen before
Justed updated my social media profile LMAO
You know your getting old when you get ads like this on facebook
Weather in seattle makes me feel like I am in the movie Groundhog day
Strippers have a new name
Strippers have a new name
I was here #U2
What I wear on Memorial day
Too much. tumblr, flickr, 500px, posterous, instagram, zapd, facebook, vimeo, whirrl, redbubble, viddy, animoto etc

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