Funny video
Britney Spears is flying "you want a piece of me"
Britney Spears is flying "you want a piece of me"
Hey it's @britneyspears
Check out the crowd supporting Nicki Minaj
My nephew's birthday cake
Finger Painting
Cirque du Soleil
View outside my hotel room
M&M's superstore doing @freezecrowd
M&M's superstore doing @freezecrowd
The bubble in NYC
Bethesda Fountain in NYC
Fountain in NYC
26.8 million dollar bear in NYC
Doing laundry in NYC
I wish I was a little bit taller, this is hilarious...half man
Hollywood Guinness World of Records
Believe it or Not
Robot Real Automation at Ripley's Hollywood
The most incredible optical illusion, believe it or not!
You can do anything you set your mind to, believe it or not!
Ball and chain, believe it or not!

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