Apparently she didn't learn from the Jennifer Lopez incident --->
Rondo got the #dumassPierce look on his face -->
Funny shit -->
@ Starks Towers w/  @RiZzY_RoZaY
Paint the town Red !
RT @Ssw33tHazel “@PrettySassyBee: Every woman has a breaking point”<~ lol
@VANA_JAY this is my face @ that reply of u being a laker fan courtesy of @stephenasmith -->
@HOOD_FENOMM that last tweet warrants this -->
My new hero    if u rocking it like that the world is yours but the galaxy foams is mine. 
S/o @EmilyB ->
THIS IS WHY I DISCONTINUED/STOPPED WATCHING 106 and Park this is ridiculous  ---> #boshspice
Getting my paint on ->
@RiZzY_RoZaY  @FlyGuyLou u guys take cool pics lol ->
Is you worried bout niggas I'm like f**k no Straight up outta Locash these niggas Gusto! ->
But if that's a store run wtf kinda run is this -->
RT @Chels_v_Chelsea Oh so now we not bowling on Friday??? <~ I am and I got my shoes check me ->
RT @RiZzY_RoZaY Real niggas show the ones they love. that they love them lol<~ umm
This really makes me laugh ->
Happy Birthday to The Icon,The Greatest Ever --> #23
Now I need the A1
In the city Empire state of mind -->
This is ridiculous #LIN-center  ->
RT @Ssw33tHazel I'm getting Naked tonight and jumping in my bed ! #LonelyShit <~ here's a ->
Tattoo time pain is love lol ->
Who gave lil Wayne the Authority to Pikachu Pokemon slippers to the Grammys tho->

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