5 Jul 2021 13:05

Best Minoxidil in India - Adonsidil Finstrong 2.5x 

Every person taking finasteride has some fear . Bur we all need good hair and in current time finasteride is strongest medicine .

How to resolve this issue ?

Adon hair care has brought a solution called #ADONSIDIL_FINSTRONG2.5X .

THIS IS FIRST MEDICINE IN INDIA THAT HAS 0.25% finasteride in it .

Many studies has been done and its proven that 0.25% finasteride twice daily application is more effective than once daily 1 mg finasteride solution , and also plasma finasteride level is also 9 to 15 times less .

keeping such studies in mind adon has researched a product called ADONSIDIL FINSTRONG 2.5X.

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