@Littlemeli_ IM BATMAN!!
@Littlemeli_ "JetBlue's Even more Space ™"
@Littlemeli_ did I fail to mention that @Incubus would be opening for @Linkinpark? 

CK One dark matte make up by Calvin Klein
@Littlemeli_ Happy Birthday princess #cali2012
@Littlemeli_ @lauisweird



"ABSOLUT Greyhound"

new color for the palette... 


#masquerademotel #SHM
@Littlemeli_ WTF?
@Littlemeli_ :)
an acquired taste
I keep playing with this shit while I'm driving, there can only be one end to this and it will be nothing less than gnarly
@Melissaa_lo new girl :(
sushi meat, peaches and guakkamole
this guy will not grow up to be an artist #secondammendment [PIC]
expensive ass hobby I got myself into #secondammendment
citizen of Midtown
..... profesora  @Melissaa_lo
@Melissaa_lo hate da game...

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