Anyone know how the hell to turn this thing off in Photoshop CC? Keeps filtering my layer selections
The three special Lego figurines are currently orbiting Jupiter
Siri you are not, Slackbot.
Wow, Paramount’s new “guidelines” for #StarTrek fan films SUCKS. Totally anti-fandom
@command_tab @eli_schiff It’s actually from Ive Drives Vol. 2. Not sure @mantia ever released it…
Trump’s tweets by the numbers. Scary stuff.
Well played,, well played.
Damn cool #IronMan cosplay
Long but great read from Andrew Sullivan on danger of Trump. This bit on Berie supporters quite salient
Scored a perfect 36/36 on this #StarTrek quiz. How will you do?
“I’m terrified by the new Star Trek series.” I agree w/ this 100% -
Wouldn’t be opening day at Fenway w/o the typical blackout. I’M IN NORTH CAROLINA, NOT MARYLAND!
Conservatives Lose It After Obama Takes Photo In Front Of Che Guevara Mural. But Regan & W? They’re okay.
Yep, that sums me up I think. Not too far left…
I also can’t tell at a glance how the different like types break down w/o rolling over (+ waiting to load) :-(
One of those times when I wish I had come up with these. Such nice iconography
@airmailer Why do some account icons have a circle around them and others not? Also one of mine is red. Thx!
@GuilfordCollege @ricksva Since you cut the tree down >:-( & changed your logo, should update your Twitter avatar
RIP Abe Vigoda. I will watch Joe vs the Volcano in honor of you, High Chief.
@bruzenak @BigZaphod Okay, how’s this?
I don’t need extra iPhone battery life but if I did, this is what I’d go for over the battery bump
Right. Nice try, jerks.

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