@chrisbrogan @paisano @skyle check it out....
Now for a coffee before the airport...
Dinner is served....
Ahhhh - ganz gut!
Wait... What country are we in again?
#berlinbus goes thru checkpoint charlie
@marlooz ... Always on twitter...
Driver gets a massage!
The first wurst of the trip! NYC dirty water dog, you got nothin'!
Roadside picnic in germany with the girls...
So if we call AAA, who does AAA call?
Breakfast stop in amsterdam
This shirt isn't very popular with the Dutch ladies....
I left my horse downstairs
The view from the window of my "bedroom" ....
Educating my creative side....
Movie time!
You can take the new yorker out of new york -- Dirty water dog anyone?
Central park? Nope. The amsterdam equivalent :)
False advertising...
I'm at the nexus of the universe Jerry!
I didn't think the tallest ppl in the world would have a place like this
This is the light show
yummy yummy in my tummy

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