I've actually been moderately satisfied with Time Warner. That's saying a lot given my internet expectations.
@preshit @viticci @nateboateng you think that's drunk? Facebook also released 9.0 of its main app..
@danielpunkass This is the default on mine..
How is this still the icon for software packages in Windows in 2014?
People must really hate Windows 8 for prompts like these to show up..
Maverick’s App Nap is cool!
pixel/s velocities can be massive!!
@zkahn94 same here. 4 books:
Best drop-down or what?
@mdznr you are not alone!
@Smutchings I believe I am logged in..
Why limited number of skips even though I have iTunes match?
Why isn’t this context sensitive? rMBP has no CD drive. Make it appear if an external drive is connected.
Cinderella is pretty! @IllyaStarikov @ashleysalzz10
Really like having an external drive that’s Thunderbolt!
I think.. @skysimp wants to eat a sad puppy!
His is pretty! @jaggedcow #CSSTalk
Who’s whiny?? Hint hint..
After some heavy optimizations on our newest Wordpress project...
Rdio is delightful.
Simplified my @Pinboard tags! From 485 to more memorable 21. Also, signed up for annual sub to enable in-text search!

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