Apple wine air passing thru airlock
Mrs H completed Great South Run for @HearingDogs in 1:51:29, smashing her target of 2hrs!
Two easy peasy home made advocaat recipes of interest to @thenewbrunette & maybe @flowri?
My wife is the BEST! She made me this keyword bingo card to keep me focussed at our church meeting
#spiderfight 3/3 Finish him!
#spiderfight 2/3 6-hit combo!
#spiderfight 1/3 Round 1 - FIGHT!
Apparently, finger painting is more fun than baking. I disagree, will make a plum thing later.
Went up the tower and mended a rod for the chiming mechanism today.
My brother in law, a circle line signaller explains the recent Northern Line runaway train to his nephews etc with the aid of Brio.
Just cracked open a JBL Creature Speaker - fascinating design!
Can anyone identify this hairy raspberry like fruit?
Rhubarb wine recipe for @parkruner
A photo I took is in the local paper!
Mrs H says I'm cultivating the axe murderer look.
We made brandy snaps! With mixed success!
Why did my brandy snap bubbles not pop to create a lattice effect?
@favouritegame just found this awesome Roman Snail
Awful gmail icon ruining my phone. And my life.
Chocolate stout cakes
Backlit Casio CZ101 anyone? Parts from @oomlout & @bitsboxuk
Casio cz101 - ooen surgery

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