FW: AB Inbev  120846- breaking up through 10 day  a break through 20 day can take share to 127733
FW: Richemont 11475 on major support -7,3% hit my resistance level and fell sharply  FY Sales  a miss 10.98 Bln Euro est  11,20 Bln Euro Ebit 1,84B Euro vs 2,13B euro
FW: Richemont 12050 t/u a break above 12119 can take the share to 12460 -Yoox Net-a-Porter open to Chinese partnership
FW: $/Euro-1,1859- on major support euro can go firmer to the cross 10 200 day m/a 1,2000
FW: Gbp/$ 1,3563-moving sideways inclined firmer and can move to 1,3755 fell in a vacuum rsi very o/s Boe rate decision at 12.00 cet mkt sees no change
FW: S&P: Vix- S&P hits resistance at 2715 and Vix is on support 13.04 Not on log scale but showing the direction
FW: FTSE 100 7688 - hits resistance at 7700-can retrace to 7699 Getting very o/b
FW: JSE Topi 51279 broken through 200 day m/a and can go to 52486  perhaps a lift off from NPN
FW: NaspersN 311900 A reverse Head &Shoulder can go to 200 day m/a-Sold their entire holding in Flipkart for $2.2 Bln Rsi  continues up
FW: Barlows 16198 _made a harami cross and can rally to 17400-TS H1  HEPS expected to be up  25% to 35% Top Hse has target price of 18900 NB
FW: Imperial 22097 -Is on major support on 200 day m/a and can rally to 24300
FW: Anglogold 10916- can gap up to11500 and go to 12100 _ADR price 11188 (rand/G moving higher)
Brent Now 74,37 fell to 73 ,00 after making a H&S and is now trading at 74,35 Short term chart
FW: Oil WTi 70,00 t/d can retrace to 67,00
FW: Brent Futures 75,50 making a Head & Shoulder can retrace to  74,91 Short term chart
FW: Sasol 44700- failed to go through prev high and can retrace to 43600
FW: NasperN 310000- about to go through a triple top and can go to 320000 the 50 day m/a
FW: Hang Seng 30426 can go to 50 day m/a 30 615 Tencent  392,00 up 4,8%
NaspersN  301933-I thought it would get to 301411-I really should be more accurate
Ab- Inbev 122917 Went to new low rsi did not confirm low t/u and can rally to 128282
NaspersN  299774 closed the gap at 299000- Now I know why you all missed me seriously may be more Aas than class
NaspersN 287877-On major support can rally to 301411
S&P 2630 - on major support at 2594 made a doji can rally to 50 day m/a 2681 Yes I am back
NaspersN 28900 Gap to upside 29900 Very short term chart -Tencent-backed Chinese Internet giant Meituan Dianping is probing massive user-data leak.

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