Vod 16195- about to go through 10 day can rally to 16700 -two top Houses have made this a buy
Nikkei 20284-can come down to close the gap 19950
Vix spot 10- gap to upside 11,84
Anglos 23238- can close gap at  23674
Aspen 30716 failed to go through prev high formed a harami can go to major support 29853
Zar spot  now 13,23- making a flag can go t0 13,3129
Copper now 6544- can go to 6661 close to thw 10 20 day cross
Copper 6406  now moving higher fell slightly below my level is  on major support Poor Chinese data contributed to the fall
Aspen 29600-To everyone asking about Aspen Sorry too late I prefer buying on the pullback
Anglos 23000-fell  to the 20 day m/a
Anglos 23737- t/d can retrace to 20 day 22983- ST traders only
Plat$ 986 t/u can rally to 1000
Nikkei 19865can retrace to close gap 19576
Gold$1333-t/u - a break above 1334 the 10 day can take it to 1344
Dax  12528- failed to go through prev high can retrace to 10 50 day cross 12284
Copper 6568-Head & Shoulder can go to 6460
US 10 yr Bond now 2,16 can retrace to close gaps at 2,09 and 2,04
Zar spot 13.0975- fell in a vacuum can go back t0 13,2454
Intu/Capco-T/u and all the instos are  filling their boots  with  B/B of so many Property companies boggles the mind
Distell 13057-can rally to 13787 Volatile mkts drive people to drink not to buy furniture HEPS was down  7,4% and div was maintained
Bidcorp 28836- on major support can rally to 30325 Rand hedge that is lagging
USD/JPy now 110,02 can go to 111,02-A friendly reminder that your sweet Hillie called the Dollar stronger on Friday when everyone declared Armageddon
Zar spot now 13,03 Reverse H&S  thru 10 20 day can go to 13,25
JSE Gold Index failed to go through prev high support at 1407

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