Bidcorp 28641- t/u at the 200 day m/a can go to 29800
Billiton 25170- On major support om 50 day m/a can go to 26300
Anglo 26331- has retraced to support
Steinhoff Telkom-Market hates uncertainty  This is only to show direction
Bidcorp 29700- hits major support at 29120 Sa operations fairly positive   AUS in line but operations in Uk poor
Copper Now 6908
FW: Vix  Dec 12,78-I think it can go to 13,23 (beware I am buying) this moves very fast so stay at your desk
FW: Russel 200 and  Dow -Mico Companies have been falling
FW: Nikkei futures 22172 a reverse H&S completes shoulder at 21936
GBP/$ on major support at 1,3022
Long4life 440- Has been a slow death4me-But are now Very oversold and I think B got his at 400 on listing
NewGOLD 174.12 very o/b in ST but can go to 184.72 on weekly chart
Capco 4852-can go to 5065  discussions with the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham re enhanced  master plan for Earls Court NB
Gold 1287,6 - making a rounded bottom can go to $1300
Vix 12,05-And the biggest move again is the Vix up 9,8%
DJT/D J-Dow down 228 pts My concern on 6th was that they were not moving together ( Sorry my charts are not updating)
Usd/Jpy-  Yen goes stronger Dollar pushes higher as Us Data political concerns weigh-Risk is off
AAL 1,484- lovely H&S can close gap at 1,450
Nikkei 22395- and down goes the Nikkei
Dax 13152 -And down goes the Dax had to happen got stopped out of my short
Nikkei Futures 22800_can got o 22600 support Yen gong firmer vs $
Huge 995 -Next stop ??
Billiton 27219 can retrace to close gap at 26510 and can go to 10 day m/a 26000
Nikkei 22937-look at the gaps Yen going slightly stronger

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