Some of us like this too much.
Some of us can handle it.
Some of us like this too much.
Icing in boulder.
Hard wood in the muir woods.
Cats 1 dogs 0
Taking in fishermans warf and Alcatraz. Hodag love.
Dan and rainy are taking the man vs food challenge here. Super burrito!!!
Dan park has a tan line.
Hodags warming up. USF in game one. Followed by Cornell. Virginia. Then Colorado. Weather is awesome. Slight wind
Not much. More gym less tan and laundry.
Let's see what you got tough guy.
This is how the hodags prepare for tourneys.
Yes. All I can say is yes.
Rough end of the day, but trying to enjoy all that Missouri has to offer.
Just stopped at pickle barrel in Dubuque.  Pickles were terrific.  Tanner is a nerd.

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