How about this hotel turn off the fountain in the winter. This is ridiculous, lol
My mommy & me! #mommysgirl #throwback
♬ 'I Would Die 4 U' - Prince & The Revolution ♪ #np
This is the best thing since sliced bread, great idea Heinz! Shoot, why didn't I think of this?!
So we retire to return to the workforce & do this? Lmao #livingthelife
#mamajuana #DominicanRepub
Has anyone ever made or drank this? #mamajuana
Seasons change..
I won't leave my desk until I finish this water! Only half to go! ☹
And here is another one..
Aww look at my mini me, my niece Betty Boo! She's headed to her #homecoming dance! Her stylist? None of other than me! ☺
 #healthyliving #getwithitorgetlost
#presentation & #taste are important culinary tips! #lunch
I'm a rat! #chinesezodiac
I had to take a pix! I wonder are there MO "Brandy" plates..
No wonder. Vehicle fire.
1,313 miles. You say a coincidence, I say it's destiny! The number 13 follows me!! #myfavenumber
Makeup & other glamour items does wonders. These folks look nothing like this in the movie.#TheHelp
I  my Toms! I wear my Toms on Fridays to
work! Lol
Ahhh I can't wait to raid #VictoriasSecret!!!!!!! OMG!! #gochiefs 
@RHOdiculous33 Hopefully this will alleviate pain while I'm dancing or exercising!  I look bizarre! Chk it out!
Loving this summer heat
 This will be my last week seeing a view of downtown KC from my bed.. To the burbs I go. It's #bittersweet feelin

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