Up for tonight? Roasted quail & Neverending Story DVD w/the family. #quietfridaynightinthefrenchcountryside
Another NYC Helen-spotting: buying a hotdog at Union Square. And she says she's never travelled!  @josieangelini
Hey, look who I saw getting onto the subway in NYC! That's right...Helen! @josieangelini @harperteen
Dark Days Book tour actually starts at Heathrow Airport London. Look what I found! @josieangelini  @PitchDarkBooks
Me and  @Xtinahopkinson at wedding reception.
The bride at the wedding reception, La Napaule, France. Hope I make it to my airplane tomorrow!
Another reason I love the south.
How I love the south!
Breakfast at our Grasse B&B
Step 2 of preparing for book tour: friends  @Parisbug &  @Tweeterrier arrive with Freya to dogsit for Ella.
I'm wearing my lucky shoes, so that should help.
Another photo from my castle writing getaway: me and Odette
Time to start work but I can't stop staring out the window.
I'm here! And there's Paul in the window waiting for me. Writing week at the castle begins.
@ravenousreadr @cynicallaura here it is. Scaring my pants off.
My kids' school carnival parading down our town's main street. #SmalltownFrance
Where I spend every Thursday morning singing in English at my kids' preschool
Oh yes, I'm a hockey-mom. (my son's the 1 on the ground.)
And here he is!!!
@reverieBR and here's another: cute French boy on Metro
@reverieBR here's your Paris shot. The metro at hotel de ville. Oh, Paris.
Oh, hello Notre Dame.#i♥Paris
This is my dr's office. #sometimescountrylifeaintbad
Nothing like life-sized rotting corpses for kids' art education. (Zombies in the Louvre!) ♥Amy

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