Cute pink scooter...let's meet the owner?
World Tour? :-/
Apt small but the view sick...
Keys to the apartment...
My agent speaks no English so we communicate like this! The rest is filled in with akward smiles and head nods.
Dinner time! Salmon, salad, sweet potato!
My 7'2 teammate. We on a road trip club closed at 7am practice is at 930am. I poured water on him slapped him he still didn't wake up. Haa
@MiaVenice told me she got thick from eatin yogurt and cupcakes!!  **blank stare**
You might see me anywhere, day in the life, only thing changed the tail number on the flight, I can touch down and take off the same night.
Posted eatin "wildberry skittles" like a bawseee!
Posted eatin "Wildberry Skittles" like a bawssse. I completely understand if you unfollow me.
Posted eatin "wildberry skittles" like a bawseee!
Official with the leg room.
Aye aye okay!
I got that game from my Pittsburgh ninja...
#youmightwannastop using that toe nail clipper on my feet and bring out the chainsaw Shenaynay used on that lady feet in Martin.
Read for my close up!

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