Baby you can have what ever you like...
Alkaline Trio  w/ @SammieFgt_LOM and #idontknowiftaylorhasatwitter #ifnotgetonthatshit awesome show!!
Alkaline FUCKING Trio!! Oh, mercy me!!!
My freezer is pretty awesome right now
Oh what just got my invite. They're fucking dope invites!
Most exciting email all day
Guess what time it is!!
Awesome thing to come home to
Riding Armadillo BMX in Conroe. Didn't think I could ride this on a mountain bike. And well at that
She don't want NUN of that!!!
My dads fantasy league team name haha!
Planking is for pussies
@thejonbriggs I want this guy
Or this will do:)
Or this will do:)
I want thisss
Come help out!!!
Packing up a ladies house near Katy. Check this odd shit!
"SPECIAL" Massage. Ha
Cruising to lunch in the work truck. Def don't have the back door shut #sketchymexicans
@H_T_Rob is gonna hurl
What the heck?!?

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