Virgin balloon overhead
101010 posterity tweet
Stunning view from 9th floor hotel window, London W8
A pint of the best
A sign of the times
Ryanair PR sure has a way with words for a customer
Love my new Vans, nice, @vans_66
The last time I visited Digg in 2008, the site was down then as well
Thank goodness for Google Translate!
@TomRaftery @branedy that's odd,Tom, I see my site correctly from iPhone
A delightful dinner Rioja
If you want to see a proper Cameron Photoshop, check The Economist this week
Good vibes in Reading today especially for kids
All set!
A simple kitchen experiment today
Outstanding computer backpack, SwissGear, just arrived from Amazon
A very nice Rioja
Asus 1005P ordered from Amazon UK late yesterday, delivery today, wife ecstatic
Love the Pulse visual RSS reader for Android, pity it's not visual at all, @pulsepad
I don't believe for a minute this email actually does come from Hyundai, would you?
iTunes offering iOS 401 update
Like the new BBC website: nice work, BBC
Whew, very pleased that Chrome asked first :)
A compelling email, but if it looks too good to be true...

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