Used @str8cam lube 2 bates into a cup then drank the sweet nectar. Any1 else think their Cum tastes the best?
This is what I live around. Hmmm perhaps a move to the city would be better.
@paulmorrisTIM thank u! I luv ur work & have wanted a tattoo ever since I saw 1. Here's what it will look like
Jboy got a new leather vest.
Sexy Papi @Fudog71
@GrownUpPup well, here is a preview. #TIMTattoo
@CoppertopX this #TIMTattoo is what boy is going to get on his lower back Sir.
@KDM4fun if you're in the Seattle area I'll bend over for you anytime. Fuck it hard & breed it deep.
Taken frm the toilet area, on the rt is a smokd window (locking) glass door of the "stall" can any1 say bathroom fuck?
Newest version of #TIMTattoo. What do you all think?
Papi? @Fudog71
So, what do you think of my #TIMTattoo plan?
boy would like some ideas about his #TIMTattoo. boy is thinking of changing the "sex" 2 "sex pig" or "fuck me". IDEAS?
How about this?
boy hopes Sir likes it.
How about this Sir?
example of what boy can do. Done w no hands, except 2 pull it from mouth by 1 side, it pulls tight until boy lets go
@CRO1988 done!
@raserranonyc mind if I keep this in?
@Fudog71 @ElementPDX @KyleWoodXXX try this pic again
Another @Fudog71 @ElementPDX @KyleWoodXXX
We have a very nice view.
Who I slept with last night. Isn't he cute?
Um, my ex-roommate has a bad sense of humor.
Um, my ex-roommate has a bad sense of humor.

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