I'm at @cupcakesmb killing time before sales meetings kick in.  What great cupcakes!
Oh yeah Birthday cake breakfast!  Happy 4th birthday Asher!
This is the kid that told me 20 minutes ago he could make it all night.  Oh the folly of youth.
Hops, rye...yea I think I like it.
Desk setup finally complete.  Messy but complete.
I'm in love...
Presidents day well spent.
Any day with the boyz and legos is amazing.
First car done.  Keeping promise to work on legos for the holiday with Aidan.
Under 15 min from blank SSD to install complete off this thumb drive.  Pretty impressed.
Just installed my SSD.  Lion installing now.  So far so good.
@kix1979 @vTexan haters. Clearance at Wal-Mart. Kit 8864 World Racers. Got the SW imperial cruiser for $32.
New toy is here.
Got new ink form my laptop.  Thanks to @SarahReynolds1 and @nutanix
Good stuff
SOGO Asian Bistro in Grove City.  Now I have a local place for good sushi.
SOGO Asian Bistro in Grove City.  Now I have a local place for good sushi.
60 degrees in Feb.
New ghillie suit.  I have wanted one of these since I was in 7th grade.  Can't wait to get into the field.
My week is taking a turn toward amazing!  Thanks to @nutanix
Great day in the woods with the little brother.  No deer but good times and sore muscles.
Necter of the gods
6yr old is crushing my navy
Cosmic pooper.

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