@GHR_Maverick @kmartgamer just picked LA Noire up and got Alan Wake:)
This should of been my tag.
Ive waited a long time for this day, its a good day:)
Is it bad my first thought was i could put a port there #portal2
Look what the UPS man brought me today:)
Homemade fog nation shirt lol
@jmcwild @vicjohusmc86 or this
My car has never looked better.  Goodbye airport
@TigersEye85 thanks heres my bed for the night
Gameday #jaguars
@GHR_Maverick don't leave home without it lol
Me and  @jeremyrtolbert at Sticky Fingers
@TeeTocks cherry vanilla ftw
Two time loser
Stupid traffic
Out with the family
Wow my Dad sent this to me, talk about a long time ago.
Wow my Dad sent this to me, talk about a long time ago.
AT&T gotta love it
AT&T gotta love it
Living the hard life lol
It's called 3d reference too much to type attached a pic that tells u how.  Funny thing is this is the chapter that I'm doing this week
Check out what I just got and all I have to do is beat  @jdisthewp in MLB again.  Too easy:). Thanks JD.
Bring out the marshmellows!!!!

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