@darrenwaters Here's Twitter's cheat sheet for advanced search.  Realtime plus a few extras. Good luck!
In Turkey, I guess they think that Tux, the Linux Penguin, is a sex symbol. Turkish internet filters say no.
I'm showing folks in Istanbul how to embed a photo and add location to my tweet. Say hello everyone.
A rude welcome back to London. From the sun, sand and warmth of Doha to snow!
The view from our bedroom tonight at the Castle B&B in Denbigh Wales. Beautiful
Here is our bed tonight at the Castle B&B in Denbigh. @Suw is ecstatic. #wales
Chester is really atmospheric. Love the medieval architecture on the high street.
I'm enjoying a sleepy afternoon. Very lazy.
The square in Chisinau
Look what someone left on the curb! And it works. 500mhz G4 but runs. Will probably freecycle.
Wild, wintry clouds over north London.  L:51.5622,-0.0975:

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