OMC @ShivaAndJaya Dem snakeys is in my garden!!!
@sisfurcats Ragamuffin keeping me warm during da power outage.
Lickrish toebeans!
I lubs my little @sisfurcats!
Purrr  da sleepy boi have fangs!
Gibs da boi a treat!
Purrr purrr purrrr Wakes up and makes brekkers for da boi!
In my asparagus jungle.
85° F at 11 AM and going up to 93°,  humidity 58%, UV index high.  Da lady say I only goes in da garden now while da east side still in da shade.
Mr. Breeze's Primo #Catnip
It flat-cat weather.  MOL!
#nipclub Pawties wif da #nipboi Thursday 10 PM EDT.  We jammin'!
I sure do lubs my catnip garden.  Look, it came back for another year! @tinypearlcat
Gibs da boi a treat!  #TreatsForKittehboi
I lubs my daddy!
Almost time to plant my 'nip. #nipclub
Purrr Me and @sisfurcats Ragamuffin gotz cold paws.  We go inside nao.
I a Breezyboi!
Playin in da snow wif @sisfurcats Ragamuffin.
A good boi in da garden wif da lady.
I lubs my daddy!

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Mr. Breeze

Fluffya, PA

i thot der wuz burds heer. I am a cat. I like Greenies, snuggles, catnip, #nipclub and #pawpawty. kittehbaybehcam



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