More clouds
He is quite the mutt with variety of hair styles @goaliemom31
He is quite the mutt with variety of hair styles @goaliemom31
First tree knocked over in the yard by #Andrea #FB
Parasol @Morticia626
Hey @cadburyuk your model needs her nails trimmed horribly #internationalhouserabbits
Mental reject
.@verizon @walmart #fail #bootfail
Always sad when #bankers products have to be marked down #cheaper @diverbh
See @Sternenfee  is keeping European secrets
Going Nüüd @LifeProof
Dear @walmart this is NOT Fort De Soto #Florida
Skinzwear @diverbh
Opening for the new @ToddKincannon music video cc @GenStuart
@jannepiiroinen is this safe mode?
Windows smart phones keyless locks. Are you fucking kidding there will be 100 apps to go around this before it is out
Bikes get their own red lights.
Goats laying around being lazy
Fabulous disdain
So hard to get people to face the correct way when making a painting.
Dandy cow with sharp neckerchief
Another dead guy
dead guy

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