Massive note taking happening during digital portfolio session. How will they share? #edjewcon w/many teachers coming frm diff.countries&backgrounds needed toolkit w/commonly used tools #innovate13
Using laptops 2do word processing IS NOT 1:1 program-ISTE &LARK personal responsibility 4LifeLongLearning #innovate13
The Graded 1:1 by Design- Story Stage 2 - introduced 6th grade toolkit 1:1 class #innovate13
More "What did we learn"from 1:1 implementation #innovate13 cloud applications need to be at the core
What did Graded School learn from 1:1 program- multi-platform/ cloud based is viable...students adapt and support #innovate13
Charging devices in the lockers, turned out bad decision, since students simply did not use them :) #innovate13
Importance of vision for 1:1 program at Graded School. Administrative team articulated goals #innovate13
Ready for 1:1 Design with  @leefertig & @mike_dunlop #innovate13
Subtle choices make diff.perspectives. Use books u already have &think in more pluralistic ways abt world #innovate13
Not just values, but lets look at behavior's in global education by World Savvy #innovate13 #globallearning
Why Globalize the Curriculum? #innovate13
Create a hook with entry events for PBL- watching TED tak by Hans Rosling
Full room for digital portfolio session at #innovate13 - talking about "Process Portfolio",...hybrid portfolio
Finishing touch after a great panel discussion at #innovate13
Panel talking about concept of innovation-  innovation= invention + usability #innovate13
@cbrodders urging participants at #innovate13 to continue learning beyond the physical conference..
@jefflippman thanking sponsors and supporters from #innovate13
Congratulations &thank you for all the hard work #innovate13 's planning committee @jefflippman @cbrodders among others
@leefertig welcoming participants at  #innovate13
Hall photography at Graded school #innovate13
Success analysis protocol #innovate13
New design of learning environment...teacher not focus ...breakout areas,specifically designed 4students #innovate13
Same thing-just bigger-not innovation-Go from letter grades 2percentages- #innovate13 #asbinnovation

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