K with her girlfriends waiting to go to the airport. First stop Egypt!
She's packed for Kenya!
With all the money the government handed out to the banks why couldn't someone find a way to help our homeless
Montauk sunset
Frannie with the Montauk morning yard sale finds. 70s boots Danish bedside table and books
A good use of Dice.com promotional material
Phillipe Petit and Elizabeth Streb tight rope walking @ the benefit
Watermelon and cachaca @ Coby and Natasha's
Chair pad designs for my vintage outdoor furniture
Dr Molly rocks. She taught me how to change the bandages myself. Gave her special medicine. Should be healed in a week. Stitches in foot coming out Friday. Sonna sporting a new pink bandage
Sonna's home!
Hit a railroad tie in the fast lane going west on 495. Blew both front and back tires. So much 4 getting back to the office by 2
Beautiful Montauk Sky...
More water!
Fort Pond Montauk compromised by the rain!
 The tiny mat wins go figure
Just finished work. Green lights over
Finally asleep on her new bed which she already tried to eat
Tracy's dessert. Nutella panecotta with hazelnuts, salt and papaya
Marina in performance staring @ her opponent. Interacting with the audience without speaking. Like a chess match
Marina Abramovic's Opening at MOMA
Discharged shes ok!
K Sporting night gown with Frye Boots waiting for a spinal tap

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