The storm left. Beach debris everywhere.
Sonne back from spay. Resting comfortably.
Spay day 4 Sonne. Poor baby.
Beer for babies! Donation for the artist babies performing!
Sonne @ boot camp see ya next week!
Carribean cuts
sonne getting flower in the district
how cute is she.
boot camp for puppies. adios sonne
One more to go.
One dog clean....
I feel sorry for fish in bowls.
Brachatto yummy! Just like a ruby
full moon is so amazing tonight
love when clients send magnolia cupcakes
sonne buying a new washer dryer
my long body shadow cross 5th
Running east
big snow here not in Montauk
Wild horses couldn't drag me away
At Spike Hill in Williamsburg seeing Telly
Best buddies now!

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