luuuurve bright white light 🌟
Love when I'm the only one here cuz I get to play 😊 #heartopener
Lol @ amazon's recommendations for me
Lol @ amazon's recommendations for me
@iMarlonJ @halfblack_mamba  @msSuzy_Q yes yes yes. Miss you all!
@msSuzy_Q Keep it! Sometimes it provides insight that you wouldn't see on fb bc of all the fluff. Love u either way!
Holy shit IKEA. Oh and they also sell bikes now.
@ryenovero Wait..
@ryenovero Yasss
Going through news in the mornings..
Lit rn
May I suggest brushing up on your math skills?
TGIF! Oh wait.
You guys, this is me being 26.
SMC staying open. Sooooo this means I still have to take my final tonight 💩
Extremely disappointed that this giant Ferrero Rocher is hollow on the inside ☚ī¸
If only you knew how many times I've had to rent this book. Should've bought it the first time
Very tentative ☔ī¸
@GimliThatAxe take a look at this groupon if you haven't already :)
Woke up to seeing this on Google. I can not get away from work! Haha. Hau'oli la hanau Duke
Despite the chaos, I'm glad this couple was understanding & sooo so patient. I wish them the best karma
y yu do dis Trader Joe's.. y

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