It's from the RA summer exhibition back in 2016. 
But still. 
@Mukpuddy @AJemaineClement i laughed :) but not quite sure how you guys will feel about it!
@britishbee @BumblebeeTrust any ideas on identifying this? Was all black & long tongued?
@robdelaney i was just wondering...could this be what the orange bigot evolved from??
Caterpillar doing damage, on closer inspection what kind of a face is that??
@BarefootBee this looked a bit like a long nose bee but all black? in my parents' garden.
Banana, Date, Walnut & Spice Bread.. aka soul food, aka gone in 60 seconds!
Nettie & our oh so cool parents, all while it was still illegal in the USA..
We've come a long way from where we began oh i'll tell u all about it when i see u again Nettie.x
When freezedried strawberries are sold out? Make em chocolate #fairycakes with fresh strawberry icing! #freestyling
Ina serene beauty from an upcycled lampshade style. Or as Kev #GrandDesigns says, a #corona
Came home to this stunning arrangement, 1st time my mum's done one for me #chuffed
When a night starts in style & yet ends up INSANE?! *big grin* #unforgettable #NYE2015
Aah #Christmas love the softlit season of goodwill..
The man dem.
Cat in a shoebox. It'd be so handy to take him to the vet in that..
Ah. When you realise your phone's airbrushed the s**t out of you...
Handy. Especially if Chanel is out of reach & botox & silicone ain't your thing...
Awww some local #happychalk legality aside, quite tempted to pick up sticks myself, love a good quote..
Simply #alas
#WeartheRose gardeners of England be growing the roses! Ain't that right @The_RHS we go hard or go home in support! ;o)
Unusual end to the whole road closed off while the property 3 doors away is on fire..!
Out during lunchbreak & saw randomly encountering art in the street :o)
Went to BP-M&S for pain au chocolat...& some guy just bought me flowers! I don't care he was off his face & the £2 sticker! #stillcounts

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